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Pig Destroyer

My Knuckles Are Bleeding On Your Front Door.

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Welcome to the first Pig Destroyer Community on LiveJournal. This community is a tribute to the pure genius in Pig Destroyer, and also an area for fans on the band. Pig Destroyer are underrated geniuses in my opinion, and hopefully people who join will agree.

1. No jerks.
2. Stay on topic about Pig Destroyer and Pig Destroyer related projects.
3. Put all pictures behind an LJ cut or whatever they are called.
4. Introduce yourself when you first join, favorite Pig Destroyer song, favorite bands, you know the drill.

::: This community was built on June 14th, 2004.

38 counts of battery, benumb, brian harvey, explosion in ward 6, gnob, grindcore, isis, jr hayes, no bassist, orchid, painter of dead girls, pig destroyer, prowler in the yard, scott hull